Samsung or Apple?

Which do you like better? Samsung or Apple? Tell me which one you like more, or which one you have!

Personally, I like Samsung better. I know tons of people like Apple much better, and I don’t know why I like Samsung better, but I do. Maybe it’s because iPhones break really easily, but I don’t know. Also, lots of people may disagree, but Samsung has better technology. But I didn’t get to choose the phone I got, so if I started with an iPhone, I would probably like Apple more.

So again, tell me which one you like better! Samsung, or Apple?

A joke that you might laugh at

Hi! I have a joke for you. The joke is: The YMCA dance would be a lot harder to do in Chinese.

I found this joke off of google and there were also a lot of other ones that I was going to choose, But I chose this one. Tell me if you found this funny!

My avatar




The reason I created this avatar is because it represents a lot of things about me. It represents that I like red because the background is red. It represents that I wear a black sweatshirt. I also made it look like me as much as possible. In my opinion, there are a few features that aren’t in the picture. But that’s because I couldn’t add them. My hair is probably a little darker or lighter, that’s not my exact hairstyle and there are a few other features that I couldn’t add. But overall, I think it looks a lot like me.